One Summer Afternoon

It was a Saturday afternoon in summer, the 28th of August in the year 2004, at around 4 50pm when I made a call to an English language cram school situated in down town Taipei to inquire about a teaching job.

   “Hello, this is Ayoma speaking, are you currently hiring English teachers?”

   “Yes, we are.” “I’m Miss Huang, may I know where you from?”

   “I’m from Canada.”

   “Do you have a BA?”

   “Oh I have an MA.”

   “Wow!” She marveled.

   “Will you come over for an interview tomorrow…oh sorry on Monday?”

   “Of course yes.” I answered cautiously.

   With a pen in my hand, I asked Miss Huang where their school was located in Taipei? I wrote the address of the school down perfunctorily as she dictated it to me….to be continued.