The Ideal World

 Looking through the window overlooking the freeway passing behind the high-rise apartment building where I lived in Taipei’s County’s Shijr City, I noticed how the automobiles sped pass one another, and in a reminiscent mood, I thought of an ideal world where people of different colors and creed would all be given a level playing field to compete with one another as these automobiles did on the freeway.

   I said to myself, “the grandest ideals of globalization should be that everyone belongs, that everyone deserves a chance, that no insignificant person was ever born”. Racism, as I have come to know, is a capricious god that will inevitably hinder the march toward realizing the ideals of globalization. Even though globalization has to a certain extent brought enormous wealth to some nations, and forced them to adapt their economies and even their cultures to its demands, racism on the other hand has come to stay. For all the assurances and hopes associated with globalization, there are days when the feeling of being isolated seems unbearably cruel. I have often raged at the fact that what has always been good for the goose has not always been good for the gander.

To be continued…