My Two Half-Sisters 

It was already 3pm, and I had been standing there watching these automobiles for an hour, I could see my two other half-sisters whose fathers were both foreigners in my mind. I remembered how, one day, Patricia’s European father came down to Ghana and took his daughter back to his country. Six months later, my other half-sister, Cecilia was also snatched away by her Chinese father back to Taiwan. I could see the face of Mama that was distorted by grief during the time my two half-sisters bid farewell to her.

   The departure of Patricia, my eldest half-sister was particularly cruel to Mama. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she held Patricia’s wrists firmly, saying adieu. Back then, I had toiled for several days to ease Mama’s pain and bind the wounds to her aging heart. Being the youngest and darkest of my two half-sisters, I was left to clean up the emotional mess left behind by my departing half-sisters.

   Then the doorbell rang.

To be continued…