Filing for Divorce 

“What are you doing now Lao-hey.” He asked as he enters.

Realizing how visibly agitated I was, he quickly switched to another question. He was a man with savoir-faire—he knew how to behave in any company and in any situation. With a face twisted with pain, he said—with a low voice.

“Come, come, let’s go watch a movie.” 

“I’m not interested.” I retorted bitterly.

“Today is a Sunday, and it’s also my birthday and I’m …”

“Just leave me alone okay?” I shouted.

He wouldn’t listen to me. I knew I was being unusually hostile—not what Xiao-he knew me to be. We’ve been friends for almost five years and he’d never seen me in such a pugnacious mood. Suddenly changing my mood, I asked:

“What type of movie is it?”

He wouldn’t answer. I realized his attention had been diverted to the TV advertisements being aired. They were feminine underwear advertisements. Xiao-he was always titillated by such adverts. He was such prurient that, he always looked for a sex angle in any given situation. His wife, Mrs. Lee wasn’t that kind of woman who would forgive her husband his sexual peccadilloes simply because he cherished and provided amply for the family. I had succeeded on two occasions in talking her out of filing for a divorce, but a week before Xiao-he came to my house, she’d called me on my mobile phone to inform me she’d started filing for a divorce, and that I wouldn’t be able to talk her out of it this time any more.

To be continued…

Author’s Note: Ayomah’s Story will continue for the next 37 to 40 Sequels…make sure you don’t miss any Sequel.