The Terrible Reality

    “What were you just saying?” He asked—with a face now twisted with guilt.

 “I wanted to know what movie is there to go and watch.”

 “Xiao-he, tell me, what’s wrong, you don’t look happy.”

 “How can I look happy when I’ve been insulted?”


 “Yes, insulted.” I said with my fists clenched.

 “How did that happen?”

 “I answered an advert in the newspaper concerning the teaching of English, but the question that I was asked made me feel insulted.”

  “What was it?”

  “I was asked by a lady who picked up the phone whether I was black or white. When I told her I was black, she said they were only looking for white guys…its unfair…”

  “Xiao-he, since when did you know we lived in an unfair and an unkind world?”

  “Since the time I was a child.”

  “Do you say since when you were a child?”  

“You heard me alright.”

He’d been lying on the brown leather sofa watching TV all this time. He then got up, stretched his right hand and picked up the remote control on the glass center  table, and put off the TV. He then asked me to sit down as I had been standing up all this while.

“It’s sad to hear that.” He said.

“I feel I’ve taken quite a buffeting in the terrible storm of discrimination and racism.”

“Keep on telling yourself that.” Xiao-he said angrily.

“Xiao-he, so you don’t even feel sorry for me.”

“Sorry for what?”

“Sorry for my plight.”

“Sorry for my plight.”

“What plight, for being black and your lack of self-confidence?”

“No. Not all.” I replied with a shame-faced expression.

“Do not blame that lady who told you they welcomed only whites and not blacks…it could be that, she’d been instructed by the school authorities to say so…it couldn’t be of her own making…”

“Are you supporting her cruelty?”

“Okay, please redial the number and let me talk to her.”

To be continued…