Imam has four wives, Pastor cheating…

“Muhammed, do you know how hard it is to tell others you are my ex-husband, and do you know how hard it is for your son Ayoma to remove your genes from his body?”

Mama continued.

“He’s the youngest and the darkest of my three children. He’s often encountered a lot of discrimination at school. Whenever he’s late to school, his teachers will never spare him, no matter his reasons for being late. However, his two half-sisters are often spared the flogging, simply because their fathers are foreigners and they have lighter complexion.

Mama continues:

 “The boy was cruelly flogged one day at school that, he came home bleeding. Look at him, he has callused dark skin. How could you be cruelly insensitive and unsympathetic to Ayoma’s plight?”

All this while, Dad sat on the armchair in a sulky mood.

“By the way, where are Patricia and Cecelia?” Dad asks.

“Don’t ask me, ask your son Ayoma.” Mama replies.

Holding back tears, I said.

“Dad, they have been taken away from Mama by their fathers. Patricia’s now in London, and Cecelia in Taiwan.”

“Will they be coming back soon?

“Not that I know. Ask Mama.”

“Ask who, me?” Mama retorts.

 You are not a lawyer to be asking us so many questions. ”

“Have you come to see Ayoma off, or you’ve come just to provoke us?”

 What did you bring for your son anyway?”

“Nothing.” I’m unemployed.” Dad replies.

“What? Unemployed?”

“You heard me say that already.” Dad cries out.

“And what about my suggestion?”

“What suggestion?”

“My suggestion that we go to Church this Sunday to see Pastor Ofori for an advice.” Dad asks.

“Advice on what?” Mama asks.

 “On how to renew our vows to each other.”

 “What vows?”

 “That we’ll go through the bad times together.” Dad re-affirms his marriage commitments.

“Pastor Ofori himself is divorced. He was caught cheating on his wife sometime ago.” Mama reveals.

“Okay! Let’s go see the Imam of the new Mosque at James Town.” Dad suggests.

 “That young man called Tawfiq? He’s getting married to his fourth wife tomorrow. To me, every man having more than one wife is a murderer!” Mama cries out emphatically.

 “Oh, that guy is so smart. But he returned from Saudi Arabia barely 2 years ago?” Dad asks.

“Yes. I know that. He married his first wife when he was still a student in Saudi Arabia. Married his second wife six months after his coming back home. He’s marrying his third wife tomorrow.” Mama drops the bombshell. 

 “Eh! So when will he marrying his fourth wife?” Dad asks in a wry manner.

 “Go ask his mother!” Mama requests.

“His mother, why so?” Dad is surprised.

“Yes, it’s that woman who has been arranging all his marriages.”

 “Then what about forgiving me?”

“Yes. Do you deserve my forgiveness?”

“Why not?”

 “Not all things should be forgiven.”

 To be continued…