Mama would’nt forgive Dad.       

  “Is that what you really believe, Letitia?”

   “Some things are unforgivable. You know that?”

   “Oh, so you mean all the Sundays I accompanied you to Church, when Pastor Ofori preached about tolerance, all that meant nothing to you?”

   “Pastor Ofori’s closest companion, his wife Angela, couldn’t tolerate his cheating on her. Moreover, the last time his wrist watch was stolen, Pastor Ofori, prayed to God not to let that thief ever see Paradise!”

   “How do you know all these?”

   “Because I’m a Church goer.”

   “And you can’t forgive me?”

   “Muhammed when was the last time you prayed in a Mosque?”

   “A year and a half ago.”

   “Are you saying you stopped doing your five daily prayers a year and a half ago?”

   “Yes. Because I’m so busy.”

   “Busy?  But you said you’re unemployed!”

   “Yes. Unemployed, but busy looking for a job?”

   “I hear they’re looking for your kind in hell.” Mama says.

    “I thought you were going to say something better.”

   “Something better like what?” Mama asks.

   “Telling me you’ve forgiven me for God’s sake.”

   I then started to ask myself. Is this a test from God? Why has Muhammed suddenly changed? He’s been Godless, despite his being a Muslim and claims to pray like other Muslims. On my part, I wouldn’t say his coming back this time and asking for forgiveness qualifies as some sort of test from God. I don’t play when it comes to God. As much as I hate to admit it, I knew it was indeed a test from God.

   Pastor Ofori has given us so many examples about things people have done that hurt others so deeply, but he said that God gave us the capacity to forgive. Wants us to forgive. But I don’t know whether as a Muslim, he too has been preached not to hurt others. In this case his wife. I don’t think of forgiving him anyway. I don’t think forgiving him would make me feel any better. And what about Ayoma? Is he supposed to forgive him, too?

To be continued…