Dad is snoring…Mama unforgiving…

 There is a pit-a-pat of rain right now on the roof. Here comes a heavy down pour. Before I finish closing all the living room windows, I realized he has already fallen asleep on the armchair. As he sleeps, he is snoring like a croaking frog!

 His snoring is so harsh and shrill that the deafening thunder pales in comparison. I’m still awake. I ‘m in bathroom. Mama had gone back to bed. I’m the only person who is still  awake during this downpour. My mind is now pre-occupied with the prospects of having to leave home for the first time.

   “It is now 6:30a.m, I would cancel my trip to Nigeria if Dad would take me along with him to where ever he is going.”

   “Ayoma, where is your Mama?” Dad asks suddenly.

   “She’s in bed right now, Dad.” I replied.

   “Okay! When you are having problem after problem with a troublesome person, you begin to rue the day you met him or her. Looking back, I rue my first romantic involvement with your Mama.”

I fired back instantly.

   “Dad, do you mean Mama is troublesome, after you broke her heart and left us all this while? Troublesome, yes, but if it hadn’t been for Mama’s care and moral support, I would have ended up in the street, or even dead by now…”

 “Mind your language boy.” Dad intervenes.

   What was more irritating about Dad was that smug expression on his face as he reminded me of how much better things were during his youth. Why, then, was he so insensitive to my own comfort?” He robbed me of a responsible and caring Dad with whom I could have shared my pain and disappointments as I grew up in an environment that ridiculed people of a darker complexion.

   “Mama! Mama! it’s time to get up.”

   “Okay! I’m already awake. Is your Dad still not gone?”

   “Yes, he still insists on talking to you.”

   “Talking to me about what?” Mama is asking.

   “He says he’s so sorry.”

  Mama continues,

   “I try to stop the tears, but I can’t control it. I wish this was all just a bad dream, and when the alarm bell rings, it’ll be over. I loved this man hard, but right now, I don’t love any part of him. He used to make me feel protected and safe. Anytime he came back to me after having been dumped by his other women, I accepted him back. Not this time again!

” All I want right now is for him to leave Ayoma and myself alone!”

To be continued…