The Bombshell: Ayomah is a love-child

  A long silence prevails. Mama is looking at Dad. Dad is still crying. He removes his handkerchief and wipes off his tears.

   “Letitia.” Tell him the truth.”

   “What truth?”

   “You know what I mean.” 

   Mama is kneeling down, begging for my forgiveness.

   “Please Ayoma forgive me.”

   “Mama!” What’s going on?”

   Mama is kneeling before me speechless. I can see tears flowing freely down her cheeks. I’ve never seen Mama in such a languishing sigh. With a sigh of sadness she says.

   “Ayoma, I wish I didn’t have to tell you this.”

   “Tell me what Mama?”

   “Tell you that you are a love-child.”

   “What do you mean by that?”

   “That you were born out-of-wedlock.”

   “You mean you conceived me before you married Dad?”

   I turn my face toward Dad. He is turning his face away from me.

   “So Dad. Tell me, why did you chose to bring me into this world in this manner?”

   “I don’t know.” It’s your Mama’s fault.”

   “Mama, tell me. What’s going on?”

    Dad is getting up with the help of his stick. He’s losing his balance. He’s now doing what he can to get his equilibrium back. I ignore him. I’m heading to the bathroom. Mama is still on her knees pleading. I ignore her too. My stomach is churning with nausea as if I’ve taken a purgative.

To be continued…