Patricia refuses Ayomah some Spiritual Papers                                          

 “ That Chinese man. You mean Cecelia’s Dad?”

Mama retreated into a long silence. Those few words of Mama had a narcotic effect on me and before she could say anything else, I once again nodded away in sleep.

“Patricia when did you return from the United Kingdom?” I asked.

“Just this morning.”

“Why have you decided to come back?”

“I heard you were about to leave Mama alone and travel abroad. I came back in order to stay with her.”

“You are so kind sister.”

“Thank you.”

“Have you heard of Cecelia.”

  “Yes she did call me on three occasions when I was in the UK.”

  “Patricia, will you believe that she’s never called us since she left?”

  “Oh! But she told me she’s called Mama on two occasions and that she did even talked to you?”

“Sister, I really would appreciate it if you could help me out with some hot cash. I’m really broke.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that… that… hot cash you brought with you from London.”

“Ayoma, what do you mean by hot cash?”

“That foreign money…some people call them spiritual papers you know that?”

“How do you know that I brought them?”

“Are you telling me you came empty-handed?”

“So my step father didn’t give you any spiritual papers to be given to me.?”

“Come on Ayoma. Get real. He doesn’t know you even exist. When will some of you these people stop this culture of begging?”

 “Patricia. You’re insulting me. What do you mean by you these people?”

“I mean some of you Africans. What do some of your politicians do when they go abroad…they go with cap in hand…and even when they don’t go anywhere…some of them still beg all over the place at foreign embassies within their countries…and even when foreign dignitaries do visit, they have to dole out loans and grants before leaving…”

“Well…that’s our culture. Are you no longer an African?”

“No. My Dad is white and British.”

“What about your Mom. Is she not black and African?”

“Yaa…but…What about you. Do you even know who your Dad is?”

To be continued…