Mama caught in the “lion’s”  den                     

Although he was the head teacher in the school, he also taught French—a subject Mama hated most. And, even though, French was a required subject, Mama had failed in every French exam. Abudu made matters worse by making sure that she wouldn’t pass any of her French exams.

Being the only French teacher in the school he called the shots. Grandpa got worried about Mama’s poor records in French and hired a private tutor. It didn’t work. Despite Grandpa’s efforts to help Mama get a passing grade in her French exams, she kept slipping on the banana peels of Abudu who frustrated all her efforts. Sometimes, all went well during the written examination until the oral part—which was always Mama’s nemesis.

Mama considered Abudu as a messianic figure and did never suspect that he was the real cause of her problems.

It was one hot afternoon during the dry season when Mama came down with a severe headache after taking part in a volley ball competition, when Abudu finally got the golden opportunity to make Mama sit in his car for the first time ever. His previous efforts to get her sit in his car had been fruitless. This time, he offered to take her to the hospital in his rickety 25 year-old sedan. At first, Mama insisted on being accompanied by her best friend—Angelina. Abudu resisted. Assuring her that all will be well. It was during the weekend, and Mama knew Abudu’s wife had gone to visit her parents in the village with her children.

 “Lateefah, I know you feel uncomfortable being alone with me in the car without your most trusted friend, Angelina.”

   “Yes. I do.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go back and fetch her after I drop you off at the hospital.”

   “But why didn’t you allow her to go with us in the first place?”

   “I was afraid.”

   “Afraid of what?”

   “Afraid that she’ll find out why.”

“That she’ll find out why you’ve failed in every French oral examination.”

“What has my French oral examination got to do with she accompanying me?”

To be continued..