Mother of  All Dinners

I do recollect how, One day, Mama brought  her three children together for a chat. It was an unusually cold evening, and we had made some log-fire in the porch to keep our bodies warm. Mama was actually narrating to us a memorable occasion on her eighteenth birthday.

According to her, during one week-end, on her eighteenth birthday, she invited four of her classmates to her home for a party. They were Jemima, Umayyad, Beatrice and Alberta. Jemima was the oldest and Alberta, the youngest. After wining and dining until the next day morning, which was a Sunday, her friends and herself went to bed and slept until 5pm.

Before they woke up, Grandma and Grandpa had already prepared dinner and set the table. As they sat around the table eating, one of her friends, Jemima, giggled nervously when Grandma congratulated her on the costume she was wearing. Jemima was a tall, beautiful and twenty-one year old. She had already started to date.

A wave of nostalgia overtook Mama, as she tried to recall the halcyon days of her youth. Using her bare hands to wipe out tears dropping freely down her cheeks, she continued:

“Your Grandpa had been a very jovial person. During his lifetime, he behaved with others with benignity and mannerliness. When he was alive, people extended their hands of cooperation toward him. They honored and respected him. They shed tears after his death.

He led such an agreeable life that no one had any complaint against him, nor did he cause any harm to any one during his lifetime. He always attracted others to himself. So since his death fifteen years ago, he has always been remembered in good words. Undoubtedly, a tree that has a thick trunk tends to have many branches.”

Trying to balance her self on the stool she was sitting on, she continued:

“As Jemima, Umayyad,Beatrice, Alberta and myself sat around the table eating our dinner, little did we realize that it was going to be an unforgettable dinner. Indeed, the mother of all dinners.” Pausing for a moment, she continued:

“Your Grandpa had realized Jemima’s gorgeous costume and said:

“Jemima, who’s that lucky guy in your life?”

“There’s nobody yet.”

“Aren’t you dating at the moment?”

“I used to, but right now, I have stopped.”

“Stopped permanently?”

To be continued…