Orange Juice, Cups and Men

At once every one of us at the dinner table, including your Grandpa looked pensive. We were all at a lost as to where your Grandma was coming from. None of us seemed to have the slightest idea of what she was trying to say. Looking straight into my eyes, Mama continued:

“It’s natural for every young girl at your age to dream of dating the  smartest and the most handsome of all men. That’s the reason why all of you chose to drink the orange juice from the most expensive and exquisite cups. I intentionally chose a variety of cups to see what type of cup each of you would likely  chose to have their orange juice served in them. My worst fears were confirmed as I saw all of you going for the more expensive ones. As if that wasn’t enough, I saw how each of you eyed one another’s cup. You were more concerned about the type of cups, their appearances, than the orange juice itself.”

Pausing for a moment, she continues: “The orange juice is what would give you nourishment, not the cups. The orange juice is the love that would sustain you and who ever you choose to date and subsequently marry. You should have rather concentrated on the quality of the orange juice—not the quality of these cups.

The cups represent those men you are all aspiring to date, and the orange juice also represent the love you should have been more concerned about. As for the men of your dreams, they act like containers of love. They may only be empty containers.

Even though, outwardly they could be pleasant-looking like those cups you all chose. They could even have personalities that can even charm animals, but inwardly, their characters will not necessarily be solid. With a grim face, the old lady said: “Now you girls, tell me, what is the use of an exquisite and expensive cup if it can’t contain liquids?”

 To be continued…