Mad Woman Impregnated

Beaten by heat and dust and a need to attend to nature’s call, I tiptoed across an over-heated tarred road to a public toilet few meters away. Noticing the weariness of tragedy on my face, a certain cobbler offered to sell a pair of second-hand shoes to me at a discount. I didn’t have $10, not in my pocket, not in my account, not anywhere. I was flat broke.

“Okay just give me $5 and have them. Its 12 mid-day now, how can you keep on walking barefooted under this hot sun?” The shoe shine boy asked.

These were shoes with a price tag of $25 being offered to me at one-fifth the price. Yet I had no money to buy them. I was so ashamed of  this  that I lied to him, telling him I’d already bought one from another cobbler and was going to pick them up. It didn’t make sense to him. As I moved away, my shame intensified. Here I was, an ambitious young man. So broke that I didn’t have $5 to buy a shoe, so pathetic that, I’d actually lied to someone who was ready to offer me a helping hand!        

 As the sun swelled to a hundred and fifty times its normal size past mid-day, I became overwhelmed by hunger and thirst. Earlier in the morning, I had noticed—with great anxiety, how the sun had slowly eaten everything in the horizon before swelling to its current size. As I sat pondering over what to do next, a pregnant mad woman sitting a few meters away under a large baobab tree that had a thick trunk with branches spread out, caught my attention. She was in an advanced state of pregnancy—probably in her 7th or 8th month.

To be continued….