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The little that lasts

A little that lasts is better than much that brings grief.


The Art of Giving

Living a life of meaning and unstoppability always involves giving. Many of the classic religious and secular texts throughout history contain some variation on “Give, and it will be given to you.” Think about that for a moment. Isn’t it true that the people with the most love in their lives give the most love? The people with the most friends are the most friendly?

Smokers Vs. Non-Smokers

As Ms. Ayele spoke, she spotted two aged men sitting at the back of the meeting hall smoking away their troubles. They looked battered by decades of labor. Pointing at them, she said to her audience:
“Just look at those two aged men smoking carelessly at the back of this hall.”

Some jeered at her — telling her to mind her own business, while others prodded her into admonishing those two aged men who had been smoking. She was a fairly good speaker. She’d been there and done it before. Becoming more energetic due to the encouragement she’d received she continued:

“Look at your children – for the sake of who we are all here today. Ask yourselves objectively how we can be sure we will live long enough to take care of them till they become independent?”

She continued:

“Non-smokers might view smokers who pollute the atmosphere with cigarette smoke as extremely selfish. On the other hand, smokers like to believe that when they fill their lungs with smoke, nothing happens — no sick symptoms or signs that they will soon be bed-ridden — hence non-smokers who are forced to inhale the diluted smoke should not be affected. They are dead wrong.”

Sounding a bit pessimistic, she continued:

“The solution is not asking these two aged men to quit smoking. It’s unlikely they will, after listening to my speech. My pleading will do no good. I have heard a myriad of excuses and reasons such as ‘we all die if we smoke or not’, ‘you live long if you smoke’, ‘our time is in the hands of God’, ‘by the time I get cancer, medical technology will be advanced enough to find a cure for me’.

“What if you will be unable to afford that treatment?”
She added.

To be continued…